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More than just point of sale...
fySales is a customer care solution.

fySales Retail
Specifically designed for retail sales with order processing needs
Customer Oriented Point of Sale © with fully integrated, customizable order processing to help you manage your day-to-day operations and entire business flow.

  • Go Paperless with no up-front costs and a low monthly fee
  • Use our custom wrapper to have a simple, more integrated POS interface
  • Easily create orders and collect payments from customers
  • Quickly process a line of customers as a POS station with walk-in orders, and loyalty cards
  • Use customer history to target market and retain customers
  • Use our internal CRM and scheduling to simplify your customer transactions
  • Jobs can be submitted to an internal processing facility (back room, warehouse, etc)
  • Users at the processing facility can log in and accept/reject orders, process the orders, and then ship the products back to the ordering store, all managed through our system.

Here are how a few industries benefit from the fySales solution:
Jewlery Store • manage your repair, cleaning and custom jewlery with a job
Florists • deliveries can be scheduled and added to a jobs queue on their delivery date
Music Stores • manage your music lessons with our scheduler and instrument repairs using a job
Furniture/Appliance Stores • deliveries/pickups are managed by jobs in the warehouse
Winery/Distribution • sell wine in your outlets, with multi-location inventory management


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