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More than just point of sale...
fySales is a customer care solution.

fySales Service
Specifically designed to manage all customer and sales tasks from price quote to completed job.
Customer and Sales management with fully integrated, customizable work order processing to help you manage your day-to-day operations and business flow.

  • Go Paperless with no up-front costs and a low monthly fee.
  • Generate Price Quotes - using the products on file, easily create price quotes for customers.
  • Convert Quote to Work/Sales order - Finalize a quote to turn it into an open work/sales order.
  • Generate Invoice - At the click of a button, generate an invoice for out open work/sales orders.
  • Accounts Receivable - Use our accounting tools to follow up on open orders and get paid!
  • Manage supplies/inventory and generate purchase orders from target quantities specified.
  • Schedule your customer jobs with our integrated appointment book.

Here are how a few industries benefit from the fySales solution:
Independant Consultants
General Construction
IT Sales/Service
Suitable for any service or sales oriented industry with invoicing needs.


System Dashboard
Appointment Book
Customer Order
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Customer Invoice