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More than just point of sale...
fySales is a customer care solution.

fySales Touch
Specifically designed for high speed input/orders
Super easy/quick order entry, using simplified cashier touchscreen interface, with complete back office management tools for enhanced administrative control.

  • Allows service personnle (bartenders, wait staff) to focus on filling order quickly while accurately charging correct prices to consumer
  • Automatically adds tax to taxable items
  • Manage inventory from cashier station, and reorder from suppliers at the click of a button
  • Track everything your employees do at the cashier station, including reconcile function for cash drawer
  • Reports available to analyze product sales analysis
  • Manage customer tabs
  • Provide customer loyalty programs (tiered pricing) and more
  • Manage club memberships

Here are how a few industries fySales Touch solution was designed for:
Night Club
Members Only Clubs (VFW, Legions, etc.)


Touchscreen Interface
Browse Categories/Products
Order Entry
Cashier Reconcile