fySales A complete customer and sales management solution with integrated point of sale and e-commerce
fySales for Small Business Features
General System Features
Global Accessibility - Anytime. Anywhere.
10,000 Products/SKUs at no additional cost
Unlimited Virtual Registers at no additional cost
User Defined Dashboards
eBulletin (System Announcements)
Employee Time Tracking (clock in/out)
Automated Zip-Code prefill of City/State
Fully Customizable Security
Client Customizable Settings
Multiple Reports for Customer, Orders, Products and general accounting
Save User defined report templates (to easily re-run in the future)
Customer Relationship Manager
Full Demographics for Person or Entity/Business customers
Unlimited comments about customers/orders
Customer Account Management
Accounts Recievable follow up area
Customer Extracts for general marketing
Customer to Customer Relationships (used to store householding info, contacts, etc)
Generate and email Invoices
Generate and email Customer Ledger
Traditional Point of Sale
Walk-In Orders (no customer info needed)
Customer Sales Orders (current and history)
Product Purchase Summary (item counts, first last purchased dates)
Seamless Credit Card Processing (payments/refunds/receipts)
Generate Price Quotes (pending orders)
Copy Sales Orders for repeated customer orders
Innovative Bar Code Scanning for order processing, inventory management, etc
Integrated Clear Text and Encrypted MSRs (credit card swipes)
General Order Discount Options
Happy Hour Pricing/Coupons/Free Item Tokens
Customer Tiered Pricing (Loyalty Programs)
Multiple Kitting Options (product grouping, packaging and optional discounts)
Rental/Lease Processing
Product Instance Tracking (create instances of product with specific Serial/Lot No)
Tracks Employee Commissions
Inventory Management
Customizable products with Multiple Pricing Options
Manage inventory at all locations separately
Restock Tool with options to update by Delta or Total
Update Actual Cost of existing inventory using Value, Average or Weighted Average
Integrated Purchase Orders (created from inventory, with search for low/out)
Email Purchase Orders to suppliers
Stock Transfer Management (between multiple locations)
Shipment Management (used for jobs, stock transfers, etc)
Print Shipping Labels
General Accounting Module
Unlimited Accounts (Cash, Asset, Liability, Shareholder Equity)
Unlimited Business Parters/Payees
Create scheduled (recurring) payments
Simple and Itemized Reconcile Process
General Ledger (Payment Summary)
Auto create payment to supplier when completing a purchase order
Entity Import/Export CSV data
Ability to import/export products
Ability to import/export customers
Ability to import/export inventory by location
Ability to export payments
Ability to export OrderItems (with order data repeated as header)
Optional add on components
Advanced Invoice Management
Retain generated invoices (PDF) in the archive
Download, email and manage previously generated invoices
Auto-generate a sequential ID for all invoices
Enter a custom Invoice Id, Due Date and Notes, all of which will print on the Invoice
Search for customers by invoice status
Customer File Management
Upload and store customer documents in the archive
Workflow/Job Process Management
Save user defined searches (customer, order, shipement, transfer, accounting, PO, etc) with item status
User defined/customizable workflows
Job Processing (internal and external)
Ability to specify customer delivery address for order
Support for Drop Shiping orders from suppliers
Integrated eCommerce
Traditional eCommerce storefront with shopping cart
Traditional B&M Stores can use the same products used for the fySales retail store account, and just set an internet price
Checkout by CC, with deposits going to the same account as your store
Orders are submitted to the same back end fySales system used by your primary storefront
Customer Appointment Management
Full scheduling capabilities for scheduling and documneting customer appointments
Appointment links directly to the customer profile in the CRM
View by day or week with user settings to configure the calendar
Custom Integration
Use your existing eCommerce website to send orders to our back end processing and accounting system
Use our imports/exports and alternate identifiers on the major entity types to sync data between legacy systems
We have extensive development experience and can custom design an integrated solution for you