fySales Version History

Version 1.5.4
  • Added wholesale flag for customers that allows them to use wholesale pricing
  • Updated UI with additional tooltips to make system more intuitive/user friendly
  • Updated receipts and generated PDFs to display user time (instead of UTC)
  • Other minor UI tweaks and bug fixes

Version 1.5.3
  • Updated UI with additional tooltips to make system more intuitive/user friendly
  • Added a getting started area for new users (with slideshow of advanced features)
  • Created a "free trial" option for users to try our fully functional production version with no commitment
  • Other minor UI tweaks and bug fixes

Version 1.5.2
  • Minor UI tweaks and bug fixes

Version 1.5.1
  • Added Ability to add credit card tip on touch screen interface
  • Added Sort Order on product
  • Added several new fields to bulk product update (List Price, Sale Price, Sort Order)
  • Other minor UI tweaks and bug fixes

Version 1.5
Released on 4/28/2014
  • Added support for Coupon/Token (beer chips, $20 off coupon)
  • Added support for Discount Specials (happy hour, weekend sale, etc.)
  • Added admin support for editing commission amounts and user credited
  • Added support for printing product labels

Version 1.4.7
Released on 01/03/2014
  • Added the ability to generate custom PDF-prefillable documents from user data (customer, orders, etc.)
  • Added several different product commission calculations that can be specified
  • Created a customer activity report (for monitoring sales people)
  • Enhanced features for payment history/research

Version 1.4.6
Released on 12/08/2013
  • Added support for processing customer gift cards
  • Added new type of Kit/Package for ecommerce site for handling price overrides on kit items by category
  • Added several UI enhancements to the ecommerce site, including full size image view for products

Version 1.4.5
Released on 11/16/2013
  • Added customer demographic audit logging for all customer fields (with audit view on customer header)
  • Added the ability to create a new payment from the Reconcile window
  • Added order item delivery summary and detail information to ecommerce users
  • Added the ability for Bulk Product updates to help manage the product database
  • Many other UI tweaks and enhancements to the integrated ecommerce site

Version 1.4.4
Released on 10/22/2013
  • Added configurable trigger events that automatically attach records to specific workflows
  • Enhanced rental processing workflow for renewals
  • Provided a general customer file management utility, with the ability to attach files to orders
  • Added several miscellaneous ecommerce features and client customizable areas
  • Added real-time lookup to verify that a new username does not already exist
  • Added Merchant Summary to quickly display all locations and their merchant status (whether they can accept credit cards or not)

Version 1.4.3
Released on 9/21/2013
  • Added foreign address support
  • Added ability to specify quantity on product instances (to support simplified "Lot No" tracking)
  • Added an order preference (Pickup/Delivery) that can specify to default the delivery address on orders
  • Added the ability to send welcome e-mails to new users
  • Added a "Find Amount" tool on the Reconcile Account page to help locate specific payments
  • Added user customizable order level discounts

Version 1.4.2
Released on 9/6/2013
  • General Lease/Rental Tracking (optionally integrated with inventory)
  • Product Instance Rentals, which manages renting specific products to specific customers
  • Product Instance Tracking, which manages selling specific products to specific customers
  • Added Customer File Management, which allows clients to upload and attach documents to customers
  • Added Kit support to the ecommerce site
  • Updated the system to remember a customers cart on returning visits (without an account)

Version 1.4.1
Released on 8/7/2013
  • Added help menu, with download links to the user manuals
  • Added context menus in the admin area to help make navigation within sub-areas easier
  • Added an option to create a new payee on the fly from the Business Payment entry screen
  • Tweaked the order header to maximize the order items display area
  • Added more options when archiving an invoice
  • Added customer type to import/export
  • Added the ability to specify partial quantity on order items
  • Allowed more details about a payment to be editable after (to allow changes on how it's reported)
  • Added specific settings for font size on generated documents (Invoices, Customer Ledgers and Purchase Orders)

Version 1.4
Released on 7/7/2013
  • Updated the ecommerce site to allow for integration with existing client websites to feed orders into fySales
  • Added multiple product kitting options
  • Added customer tier pricing
  • Added import/export for product pricing from suppliers
  • Added the ability to manage/archive saved invoices when using Advanced Invoice Management
  • Added the ability to update different logos for each generated PDF (Receipt, Invoice, Customer Ledger and Puchase Order)
  • Created new accounting report, "Profit and Loss Statement"
  • Created new accounting report, "Balance Sheet"
  • Added the ability to create multiple "copies" of a product, that all update the same inventory item

Version 1.3.19
Released on 6/16/2013
  • Added Advanced Invoice Managment
    • Retains generated invoices (PDF) in the archive
    • Allows users to download, email and manage previously generated invoices in the archive
    • Auto-generates a sequential ID for all invoices
    • Allows users to enter a custom Invoice Id, Due Date and Notes, all of which will print on the Invoice.
    • Allows users to search for customers by invoice status in customer search and accounting search
  • Added the ability to enter the product quantity from the search popup and dump all products to an order once
  • Added new exports for Payment and OrderItem
  • Added alternate identifiers to Customer, Product, Order and Payment that are searchable and also available on the import/export files (used for consisitent mapping to external systems)
  • Added the ability to edit more fields on historic payments (to correct reporting after the fact)
  • Added support for CC Tokenization, which allows you to keep cc profiles in fySales that can be used to charge a customer's card (not available on all merchant accounts)